Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall? Are you there?

Yesterday, upon Scoobs' insistence, we hung our Halloween. I figure if Target is showcasing all the goods, I have a license to do the same, right? The lights are glowing orange, green & purple while boxes of more 'stuff' crowd my den. Witches hats are being ruined as my kids play tug of war with them, chasing each other through the house with fluffs of orange fringe bouncing off of it.

And while I would like to say the leaves are changing colors & we wore jackets while we adorned our front door, it was quite the opposite. Yesterday, we had record heat. at one point it was 111 degrees. We waited until 7 pm to to the outside work & I was still sweating. It was pathetic and really put a damper on my Halloween spirit.

I thought we had finished with the brutal heat...brutal being anything over 105 {sad that 105 is the barometer of pathetic, huh?}. I have everyone's bathing suits on top of my washer, for their final wash of the season. I had unpacked my permanently packed swim bag & refolded & arranged all our beach towels in the linen closet. And even though Halloween is up, we will be swimming tomorrow.

Fall...please come. quickly. I am dreaming of park days & oodles of time on the lawn. And who knows...maybe we'll even get the Lady up & on a razor this winter.

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Summers Camp said...

The thing that's so brutal about our Fall here is that just when we think it's over, it gets hot again. Arizona really should come up with its own Fall clothing collection... *B

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