Monday, September 20, 2010

The Project...of the Project Table.

Last week found me without a husband for 4 days...and it was over the weekend. drab. drab. kill me. drab.

I was not excited about it.

So instead of telling husband how UNexcited I was, I found me a project to keep me nice & busy & well worn out, so that I could just fall into bed each night & go to sleep without all the tossing & turning that happens when you find yourself sleeping alone.

It worked. Everyone was happy when dad got home {me especially!} and my project table got a major makeover & I love it.

This picture was taken 75% into the project. The chairs {3 of them} were done & the legs of the table are done. The sanding is halfway, so you can see the original color of the table top. The legs were originally a buttery yellow with a glaze on them, which weren't hideous by any means, but just didn't go with my room.

Can you see the absolute mess it made of my garage?!? I don't know that I will ever get all the dust out of there. On Saturday, I cleared out the garage & used the blower twice, swept about 6 times & finally used the hose, followed by more sweeping...twice. And it is still dusty. oh well. it is the garage I suppose & it isn't dusty enough that it is being tracked in, so we'll call it good.
I spray painted the legs & the chairs in Krylon's ivory satin. It is a favorite of mine. I have a couple end tables & frames I've used it on as well. It sprays well & you can get it at Wal-Mart for under $3. Then I put a glaze over them, which is really really really easy as well. My neighbor taught me how to do it & I love it.

Then I sanded & sanded & sanded on the top. I don't think I will ever take on a project that requires staining again. It is a LOT of sanding. But once I got it all sanded it was smooth sailing. I applied the stain, moved it back into my house & let it dry for a couple days. And this morning, I applied the sealing. I got the top nice & good & then spilled the whole can onto my carpet. yep, you read that right. If you hear a 4-letter word out of Scoobs in the near future, you'll know where he heard it! I think I got the mess under control, but even if not, I love my new project table.
just in time to start sewing Halloween costumes!


POST EDIT: Look close & you can see the spill on the floor! That is the baby powder soaking up the last bits! Cross your fingers for me that it works! Scot is going to kill me {he doesn't even know yet!}.

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Summers Camp said...

Jealous much! Will you please come redo my furniture? I promise you won't have to sand (much). *B

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