Friday, September 10, 2010

school days.

they have begun. this little dude started preschool this week & i don't know who is more or him. i have to say it has been the perfect thing for both of us. he is out playing, learning & discovering new things & i am not being the one to facilitate it all. it's dreamy.

and while i can't believe he is already off doing his 'own' things without me breathing down his neck i am so excited & happy for him. he was born with a mind of his own & independence is a good thing on him. he has a good understanding of choices & their consequences & i suppose my faith in his ability to make good choices make things like this easier. this is not to say he always makes the 'right' choice at all or easily, but to say, that he knows things have consequences & i am glad for the chance he has to get out there & put his understanding of things to work in a setting other than our home.

happy days. school days.


Julie said...

I was waiting for this post. You're a great mom. Love the pic.

Stephens Family said...

Dylan has that shirt. : ) Cute cute boys! Let's get together asap at Santan. Call me. We shall plan it.

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