Friday, September 3, 2010

A Walk.

to remember.

once upon a time, that i'd like to claim as high school, but really, it was college, my friends & i {yes, i am outing them as well} had a bit of a love affair.

with a movie.

it starred a bubble gum pop star. you know the type...she did the singer-try-to-turn-actor thing. kind of like miley cyrus is today where she acted in a movie AND sang the title track to it as well. well like miley cyrus minus the 'i can't be tamed' bird cage music video {um, yuck}. it had a book to go along with it...and of course, the book was better. which really means my imagination was better than the directors...because the characters in my head were much more evolved & likable.

anyway, i think we watched this movie 100 million times. and the music video that followed the feature 200 million times {because you always had to rewind & watch that again}. we were in love.

to further our obsession, we also jammed out to the soundtrack in my explorer on a very regular basis. and on a recent road trip i put the soundtrack on my ipod {okay, that's a's been there all along} but i did turn it on for the whole car to enjoy {which really just includes scot because if we are choosing the music it means the kids are asleep...because you know, on road trips we listen to movies, not music}. anywho...the first song on the soundtrack is only hope, by switchfoot. and silly scot had thought i put in a switchfoot album {um, who are they?} and he was pretty stoked. until he learned it was not switchfoot {who come to found out were a local band from san diego when scot was in high school} but a walk to remember.

and remember i do...especially as it blares from my ipod while i do design work. you know what they say...and oldie but a goodie. {oh man, i am lame}

10 stars to whoever can tell me who the leading lady was.


Amberly said...

mandy moore!! points for me!!

Amy said...

haha... i love it.

Anonymous said...

Man, Amberly beat me. i do love that song.

Julie said...

I knew it was Mandy Moore too! Too slow. . .

Dallas and Krista said...

Dork. :)

Best dork ever of course.

I may have liked that movie too.


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