Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sometimes I miss seeing my kids up here. While I do cards & really like doing cards...I like doing this more.
She is freakin' awesome right now. I absolutely love this age. I love that she insists on having shoes on & tries to put hers on all by herself. I love that she smatters around the house in my shoes all the time & always chooses ones that have some sort of 'sparkle' on them. I love that she wants to wear a tutu. I love that she carries a naked baby around & then insists I put shoes on the baby, which are really socks that look like shoes. Love that I will tell her it is time to do her hair & she marches herself to the bathroom & climbs up on the step stool ready to go. Love that tongue sticking out as she concentrates on whatever tasks she is attempting. loving her.
and these guys too. This is what December looks like around these parts. Cousins. Sunshine. and lots of playing. If only you could hear their conversations through this picture...oh man, they are funny!

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