Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: Choosing Happiness

I will get to Christmas & the rest of Christmas cards, as well as our trip to the coast & New Year's celebrations...but for now, we are starting off 2011. We are moving forward even if the past isn't all sorted & cleared up & tied in a nice bow.

That is part of my goals for 2011...keep moving forward, even if there are a few nagging details that have gone undone.

But that is not what this post is about. This post is about what I am really focusing on for 2011. As part of my Christmas to myself this year, I bought a 1 year subscription to Real Simple.

The first issue came & its cover was splashed with 'be happier' this year, with 9 new ways to be happy. I kind of laughed to myself at the thought that Real Simple had finally unlocked the power of happiness & were now doling out all the details of how each of us could get there.

It just isn't that simple.

And being a religious person, Real Simple is not my 'guide' for happiness, not even on the spectrum for determining my happiness, or giving me the secret to unlock that happiness. I know my own happiness comes from within myself, within the framework of my family & relationship with God.

But of course I read all 9 of those new strategies to being happy, and frankly they have some good points. At the very least it has spurred me on to my own thoughts within my own framework.

I've always said, Happiness is a choice, but I've also always lived in circumstances where that choice may appear easy {I assure you there have been trials & may just not know about them}. But alas, even given my own trials & challenges, I still live in circumstances where that choice is 'easy.' In the whole big scheme of the big wide world, I get that my life is so very blessed & maybe that is why happiness is an easy choice for me to make.

But in 2011 I want to put it to the test. How often can I choose happiness? What strategies can I come up with that work at 5:30 when I am in the middle of cooking dinner & everyone is going freak crazy {for lack of a better term}? Can I choose happiness then?

So far this morning, a few things I have done to 'actively' choose happiness.

When I woke up at 5:45 {after going to bed post midnight} & couldn't get back to sleep, I just decided to get up & get on with my day. I don't like being a night owl & this morning the shift has begun back to my morning person self. And I didn't even plan it all out & worry about it. Perfect. Instead of worrying about being tired at 3 pm, I am going to assume Heavenly Father with answer that prayer for strength, and then I am going to be early tonight.

After perusing a few things online, I remembered my goal to actively choose happiness. I know my happiness is rooted in my relationship with God. So I opened up & began reading some Conference favorites.

And now? I am here. Writing it. Another thing that helps me keep it all in perspective & allows my to organize my thoughts & remember my aim.

Some come along for the ride, or keep clicking, but here's to choosing happiness.

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