Friday, January 14, 2011

Remember that Holiday Christmas?

Well here are a few hi-lights...
The fam on Christmas Eve @ my mom's {and dad's}. We gathered for dinner & a 'talent' show...good news is the grandkids are more talented than the kids. bad news is, jingle bells was performed 3 times, 3 different ways. Scoobs included in that 3 times...he sang it with Kevin's accompaniment on the guitar & I think he can carry a tune better than Kevin, which really isn't saying much but this 'non'musical family will take anything we can get.

The Lady Christmas morning. The tear is a result of the answer 'no' to a candy cane. Notice she has a new kitchen set behind her & another present in front of her. She may or may not be the diva of this household.
Christmas afternoon all the family meets at my mom's {and dad's! again!} to exchange gifts & basically waste the day away outside. A new development on the cousin front...there is a new posse forming in the baby division with Sophie {1 year older than the 'babies'} leading the troops. Gotta love the Lady & Tanner's rapt attention. Also gotta love the bare feet on Christmas day.

And the hi-hi-light? Scoobs' goof Christmas morning. I must preface the video though with a few comments.

First, how Santa works at our house is this, every gift is from Santa, with exception of the 1 big gift, which is from Mom & Dad {me & scot}. So the Lady got a kitchen & Scoobs got a Wii, which is a whole other discussion in & of itself because I get that a wii is a little over-the-top for a 3 year old. another day, another time.

Second, we open Christmas morning at my parents house so there is a larger cast of characters. You will hear me & my mom & see Scoobs, Scot, the Lady & a bit of my dad.

So now...Scoobs opening up his Wii. enjoy.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!


Amberly said...

so hilarious! he knows who his sugar daddy is!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

Great pictures and words. So wonderful for you to memorialize these highlights to look back upon. And gorgeous family photo up top!

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