Sunday, January 16, 2011

Young Women's Bookmarks

These babies came in the mail this past week & frankly, they turned out super cute. I always love blue printed on the pearl paper & while that thought didn't totally cross my mind when I was designing them, I am glad it turned out that way! It is always nice when things turn out better than you planned them.

Here they are all printed & ready to go!

And in case you haven't actually visited my site in awhile, you'll notice on the right over there >>> that I have an actual etsy store now. And these are available there if you want the bookmarks -- printed & shipped to your doorstep.

Also, I will be adding the 5x7 printable here soon too, so look for that...and a few other things I have up my sleeve.


Ashlee said...

Love the bookmarks and the fact that you got your etsy shop opened. I think you should add a watermark to the bookmark because the pic is large enough people can just take could also put the digital file up for it if you want to sell it...I have a draft email to you on our project and will send it as soon as I can finish it. :) Love your talents!

Amberly said...

congrats on the etsy shop, it looks great!

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