Saturday, January 29, 2011

To the One. The Only.


Happy Day to you. We are so happy you are ours. Really. You made us mom & dad & that is incredible to me every. single. day.

Details of the big day to come...I'm pooped.

Lots of fun. Lots of friends & this:

It was awesome. Except that that part wasn't awesome. Except that Scot's reaction was awesome. You see he is the freaker-outer when someone {ie, the Lady} gets hurt. Instead of picking her up & comforting her, he picks her up & screams in her face.

That was awesome.

and yes, I left out some parts & maybe it wasn't a full-fledged scream. But the actual truth is, she fell & he yelled, "Oh no" and I replied, "it's okay, she'll be okay" and then he picked her up & held her at arms length saying "No! No! No!" as in, 'no, she will not be okay.' And then I took her & removed her & myself from the situation. And since the truth is being did look gross right at the start...all white & Scot said he thought her face was caved in. Again, he is a freaker-outer and that is awesome.

And coming up...the details of Scoobs' big day...cause we did it big this year {and that may not ever happen again!} haha.

xoxo Scoobs. you rock.

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Anonymous said...

And if you know Amy-you know she is drama, and sometimes, wait- all the time, she embellishes the story. But, as a witness to the fall, and Scot's reaction, I have to say she described it perfectly. I have chuckled to myself a few times thinking about the, "no,no,no." And now I sound mean. Whatev. Truth be told, I react more like Scot. And on many occasion have made Amy or Julie look before I do to make sure there is no blood or hanging appendages. And oh yea, Happy Birthday Scoobs!

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