Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scoobs & the Party

Believe it or not, this was our 'first' birthday party. By first, I mean the first for invites, friends & the whole shabang. And it was really fun...once it was over!

No really, it was fun, but lets not kid ourselves & pretend like we weren't dead tired after the fact. So tired, I think Scot & I put the kids to bed & were in bed ourselves 30 minutes later.

So onto the party details. Truth be told, Scoobs initially wanted a super hero party...ironman, batman, spiderman...all those guys. And frankly, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Call me mean, but I had no creativity in that direction. So instead, I stole my neighbors idea & we did a 'camping' party, with 17 three and four year-olds.

Here are the details in photos...
We did hot dogs, chips & juice boxes. And 30 seconds after I took this picture, Scoobs threw a Frisbee & knocked over one of the jars filled with water & real goldfish. It was awesome. I got the 'happy birthday' banner at Old Navy for $3...love when that happens. Made the tissue balls & the rest was just stuff I had around. The apothecary jar is filled with marshmallows in different sizes.

The main events of the party were hunting with nerf guns & fishing for goldfish, which they all took home as party favors & every mom was beyond thrilled about. Trust me...mine are still alive & I am looking for a way out!
We opened presents in the tent & it was complete mayhem. Remember there were 17 kids there. Yeah. My mom asked why we invited so many, but believe it or not, they ALL {with exception of 1 cousin} live within walking distance and that is what I love about where I live...so we embraced it. All 17 of them...even though I really felt like this.
We capped the party off with happy birthday & s'more inspired cupcakes, which I have to admit, were mighty tasty. I love a tasty treat that can look cute too.

it is safe to say, prior to her black eye...the Lady thoroughly enjoyed herself, and her cupcake.

and I am pretty sure the birthday boy was please as punch as well. All in all...a success.phew. Happy Birthday to the Scoobs.


Amberly said...

super fun ideas! I love the goldfish. how exactly did the lady slam her face??

Chante said...

Wow, awesome party. Lucky that you got to have it outside and not in your house. Perfect! You are so amazingly crafty with all your cute ideas.....next time do mine, okay?

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