Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Safe to Say...

Spring swimming is the absolute best...and keeping us all very happy indeed.

{except for my dorky facial...what's that?!? haha.}


Leah said...

FRIEND!!! I just saw your sisters photography blog and found you!!! EEK! I'm in love with your design and will be sending people your way!! P.s...your kiddos are so stinkin cute...hugs cute lady

Nicole said...

I have a quick story and a suggestion...

Lets start off by saying that I really really really dislike people ---that I don't know--- coming to my door to try and sell me something I don't want!
The weather is warming up here (in Utah) and the salespeople are out in full force. Just last week I was upstairs nursing my baby while my two boys were watching cartoons downstairs. The doorbell rings and as I'm trying to stop nursing, button up, look presentable- my two little boys answer the door. Yes, they have been told many times NEVER to answer the door--but they do. I make it downstairs in time to see some guy standing there INSIDE my house with my two little kids (at 9:00am!). I'm holding the baby and am thinking if this guy is here to kill me, or steal my kids, or rob me.... There is nothing I can do! I felt very vulnerable and helpless.
Even my gun was too far away to help :)
-sorry, that was more of a long story--
my suggestion....
I would love to have a CUTE "no soliciting" sign to put near my front door. My friends and I agree that it needs to be the right sign... I told them I have a VERY talented cousin who might make a SUPER cute sign we could all buy and hang by our doors :) ??

Anonymous said...

Your little one looks thrilled, and happy as a clam with your airborn stunt. :)

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