Monday, April 4, 2011

Wedding Bells are Ringing.

 Last week I got the pleasure of delivering these to a client & it made me want to get married all over again!  The flowers, the dress shopping, the party planning...I want to do it all - all over again {with my dad covering the bill again as well! hehe...thanks dad!}.  These two lovebirds actually grew up down the street from each other, which I love.

As a complete side note, but over-the-top cute love sister shot a wedding this weekend of a couple that dated in high school, parted ways, got married {to other people}, had kids, got divorced & reconnected at a HS reunion...and fell in love {again!} and are now married to each other.  {swoon}

Check her blog for the deets & pics...and bug her to post is asap!

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Stephanie said...

i love these! you are so creative! :)



Anonymous said...

Super cute again!

Brandy J. said...

These invitations are stunning!! I love the font and shape.

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