Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011 {In Photos}

 We started the week with some Spring Cleaning.  I had the urge to start a home project...and by project I mean the refinishing of my kitchen table.  No small task.  I wasn't quite ready to bite that off, so instead I figured I should just clean what I've already got.  I read in House Beautiful that cleaning your windows makes a huge difference in the the light in your home.  And not that I needed to read it to know it, but it always helps, right?  So window cleaning I did.  And House Beautiful?  They weren't lying.  I am in love.
While I cleaned, my kids went to the beach in our backyard.  They could do this for hours & as it gets hotter they will have more & more opportunities for the backyard beach.  The Lady is always a bit tentative on these sorts of things.  Scoobs is great for her as an older brother because that kid knows how to have fun.

Then we snuggled in for some movies...sorry you have to turn your head to see this one.
and planted some flowers & Scoobs spotted strawberry plants & was dying to plant that.  So now one of my pots holds a strawberry plant that he is responsible for.  Plants are easier than pets...
We did lots of outside playing & The Lady is all about carrying around babies...and frankly, it's just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  And did you notice her haircut?  It only took me all day, but I love it.  It is great for summer & hopefully now it will grow with some more thickness.
After all our house working & yard working we headed up to my mom's to swim on Friday.  We worked all week to get her pool heated & ready to go for Friday & it did not disappoint!  The kids were in heaven...and we only had 2 water rescues!  30 seconds into our swim, my sister-in-law was jumping in, cover up & all, to rescue her 2 girls.  The younger had jumped off the diving board to the older & when the older went to push her to the step, the younger wouldn't let go.  The older was fighting to keep them both up & when she went under yelling, 'help!' Julie was jumping in.  Needless to say, our kids were a little rusty in their swim skills.
The Lady was rocking her swim hat, like only she can do

The pool is open, heated & fabulous!

The Lady      
On Saturday we headed up to meet Scot's parents at a local resort to catch some more pool time.  Scoobs was tearing it up, while The Lady lounged & relaxed.

And then she threw up this morning.

Guess we had a little too much fun?

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jessie said...

Sounds like you guys did have a little too much fun!

And isn't it amazing how much a difference cleaned windows can make? Too bad I have to really talk myself into cleaning them.

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