Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Kylie.

These two love birds got hitched last week & I had the opportunity to work with them on their invites.  I love doing weddings.  It is always fun to see a new couple heading down the aisle anticipating all of life's adventures through rose-colored glasses.  Something we all could probably use a bit more of, right?

We met up to talk & threw around a few different ideas, but always ended back at the 6"x6" trifold layout.  So that is where we started & what we stuck with.

Kylie is feminine & romantic {and did I mention beautiful?}.  Forrest is a guy's guy.  Not an ounce of 'chick' in him.  So we worked to have it be feminine & romantic, while not completely alienating the man in Forrest! But realistically, we all know the girls always 'win' on wedding stuff, right?

Anyway, back to the process.  After sitting with them & getting a feel for them & what their wedding was going to look like, taste like & feel like, I put together an inspire board.  This was hers.

Images gathered all over the place...next time I will remember to pull credits.  But the pillows are from Ballard Design & I love them. a lot.  Probably some from Amy Atlas, as well as amorology too. 

So I started with this as my drawing board to create their invite.  Believe it or not, they actually ended up with the version closest to the very first version I did.  But there were a lot in between the first & the last, which is always the case...because we all want to see all the options!

So we moved to this on version 2.  This is my 'working' drawing...hopefully it makes some sense.

copyright Ink'd Designs
I love the damask in the scroll cut out.  I need to find a place to use that asap. Any ideas?

Then we talked about some different options for the front page {more working drawings}.  So many ideas!  I love it!
copyright Ink'd Designs
And then we went back to the original & started tweaking...pulling from some new ideas & getting everything just right.

And here she is.  Printed & ready to go.
copyright Ink'd Designs

copyright Ink'd Designs

copyright Ink'd Designs

 This inside spread picture is always important.  When folded out, it measure 6"x12"...which is huge if you really think about that size picture in an invite, so it is important that the picture evoke a feeling.  Not just a close up mug shot of the happy duo {unless that evokes a feeling, if you following me}.  We all loved this picture in the pecan groves.
copyright Ink'd Designs
Have I also told you I love the word 'merriment' on a wedding invite?  Or anything for that matter.  Find a place to use it asap & it will just make you feel happier.  promise.
copyright Ink'd Designs

 There is nothing better than a 'finished' invite.  We used a natural felt paper in a cover weight for printing which is one of my favorite papers.  It literally soaks up the ink & is just dreamy.

Congrats to Kylie & Forrest!

All photo credits to Annie Randall Photography


Anonymous said...

Can I please get married again-to the same guy!:) These invites are so cute!

Bri said...

fabulocity! loving the layout

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

This is lovely. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!

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