Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Safe to say Easter served us well this year.  This year was the first time Scoobs actually remembered what Easter was all about & the traditions that we have done in the past.  He was beyond excited to see that yarn tied to his bedroom door & mazed throughout the house.  This year the Easter Bunny left his basket in the dryer, which he found beyond hilarious.

 The Lady was just along for the ride...but she definitely looked cute for it!

We got to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt, just to realize we missed it.  Not to worry though Scoobs had plenty of friends donating to his basket.  I'm not sure he even realized we missed the 'main' event.  He was delighted to do the Chinese egg roll & see an egg splatter on mom in the egg toss.

I'm glad for the opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of Easter & have the chance to teach that to my children.  There is nothing better than hearing a 4-year-old bust out the word 'resurrection' with a slight lisp.  Nothing.

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