Monday, April 25, 2011

How Tweet.

 Do you remember {almost a year ago!} when I posted about this lovely little shower?  

Well I thought it high time I actually load up all the pictures as well as the invite.  1 year behind...that is what I am on my invite posts.  Anyway, without further adieu...

We carried the 'How Tweet' theme throughout & it was so fun!

We held our little gathering in my parent's backyard.  I thank my lucky stars that my dad insisted on burying & re-digging their pool 4 years ago.   We all thought he was a little nuts {but really knew it was going to be fantastic!}.

The food table -- prior to all of the food.  I can't even remember what we ended up serving!  I was not in charge of food, but I do remember it being divine -- rolls, salads & strawberry lemonade with sugared rims. 

Our guest of honor, thankfully, had a mother in town who is fantastic with flowers -- we roped her into doing all the arrangements.  Incredible.

We also did a TWEET bar with little scoops for everyone to make their own candy favor bags.

Popcorn...Drinks and more great flowers...

We had the shower in June & I remember being concerned about the weather being hot, but the evening was instead a delight. 

Another thing we did that I can't find pictures of is we had everyone right down their 'tweet advice' for the mom-to-be.  She wasn't a first time mom, but a first time mom to a girl, so we thought we'd give her a few pointers!  The advice was sweet & the notes serve as a reminder of who was there.

Looking back it makes me want to go & do it all over again -- who is having a baby that needs a party?!?  Who?!


Jewelia Eagar said...

that shower was amazing! i wish i could say i'm ready to do it again (have another baby) but i'm not. ha.

Natalie said...

i'll take a shower from the boyer girls ANYTIME! its almost worth getting pregnant...oh wait, I AM pregnant!

Vanessa said...

this shower was so fun! I cannot believe it's been a year! Man..those treats look so good.

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