Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Class of 2011.

Graduation is upon us.  Well it has been upon me for the last month as I've met with senior after senior to get their announcements 'just right.'  It has been extra fun this year, since my brother is among them & so most of them I've known since they were 3.  Can't believe they are graduating!

Anyway, if you are still in need of a card or tag...like me.  Here you go.

Become a follower & download away.

Take your pick of color...or use all 4.

 And tomorrow...hold on to your seats...graduation announcements coming your way. again. and again. and again.  Can't wait to show you!


btanders said...

Wow! These are SOO cute. I've been looking for something little to go with the money I plan to give graduates. Is it possible to get it in more than one color to go with the school colors?

Amy @ Ink'd said...

Sure. What colors do you want?

btanders said...

I like the blue and yellow one. For the other grads I need one that has blue (like the purple one) and if I could get one with orange that would be AWESOME!

Debbie said...

Amy!!! Duh????? Why didn't I use these for all of Kevin's friends???? I needed them a week ago. Where were you? I'm a geek!

Ty and Whitty said...

These are so cute I love them. I am so glad i found you I am your newest follower and your on my blog roll thank for sharing.

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