Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to Business.

I am sure you were soaking up mothering 'do nots' in my previous posts, but now...back to business.  I have lots of things to show you!  I can't wait!

So...first up is a design you've already seen here...it is up in the shop as well.  Anyway, I've been asked before how to use some these & this is one way.  I will be posting a few other ways soon enough.  If you are like me, you will have an event {birthday, weddding, shower, etc} to go to & will have every intention of having a beautiful gift, wrapped just so to convey your warmth towards the person receiving.  But then life happens & you are scrambling to pick up the babysitter, get dressed, get dinner on the table & oh shoot!  You still need to wrap that beautiful gift.

Am I right?  Or just a loser?

Either way, I've found myself printing these off time & again & using them as the gift tag.  Because inevitably I always forget to grab a card...which is usually most important.  I find a message I love for the occasion & write my own thoughts & congratulations on the back & I will now never be without a card again.  This particular gift was for a wedding...a happy memory indeed!

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