Sunday, May 22, 2011

Real Life. In Photos.

 A certain someone 'graduated' from preschool {except that he will go again next year} and like all good boys, made sure he had his vampire teeth in his pocket, so he could keep his friends in stitches.  This is him after I have given him the death stare to remove the said teeth.  Secretly, you should know that I loved it.

 Livs is a bona fide 2-year-old.  Spending half her time like this...seriously, how can you be mad at that face?
or this...this was my 'mother's day' candy bar from church...

and the other half like this.  I took a 4 minute video of her fit throwing antics today.  hilarious.  except that I was out of patience at that point.  But that's usually how it goes, right?  Another great thing I have learned?  She really does not like her picture taken when she is not looking her best {ie throwing a fit} which just makes it all the more fun to take pictures of.  I figure she will have a great montage at her wedding dinner, right?  I am hoping that hers can top mine...we aim high.
gotta love her.   

 Scoobs had his last t-ball game on Saturday & I found myself a bit sad that I will not have the Saturday morning social sesh.  Remember how I wasn't going to sign him up?  So glad I did.  He's made new friends & now is a lover  of all things baseball.
He even had a chance to check out the big leagues.  He was loving it.
He also is drawing like a little boy.  This is the first time I saw him draw the classic sun, grass, tree pic.  Love it & his silly bandz.

Both are also wanting to dress themselves.  The Lady refuses almost all help {shocker} & sometimes getting dressed becomes a 45 minute ordeal...because like all girls she has to change a few times before it is 'just right.'  But I figure the faster we get her doing it on her own, the better off we will be.  She screeches, 'no help me' and holds a hand out to ward off any potential helpers.  Scoobs picked out this little number because he was going to his cousins & they were going to shoot hoops.  Notice, the basketball jersey {circa 1993}, the basketball pants & his Nikes.  the Lady got a look at what he was wearing & promptly found her own jersey.

Scoobs is also finally becoming a 'helper.' As in he can be told a task & complete said task with minimal help from me. I can't wait for this to grow into vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms & washing dishes.  Baby steps.  As you can see The Lady is not too far behind.  And I am going to go out on a limb & say her attention to detail {which can sometimes be painful} is going to make her awesome in this area.  Because she will know the routine & she will be insistent on following it to a t & will probably insist that Scoobs follow it as well. win-win.

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