Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bachelorette Chat

Let's get this party started.
Yesterday I was sick.  So very sick.  But I stayed up to watch.  Of course I did.  These thoughts are a day old & coming through a thick haze.  

Constantine.   Did you even know his name before tonight?  Probably not & if you did you probably thought of the Constantine from American Idol.  I know.  Me too.  He was just as creepy.

What is with the Adidas sandals circa 1996?  I mean really.  My sister wore those her senior year of high school & she actually played soccer.  What's his excuse?

Why are they so impressed with the old guy's advice?  Who cares.

And then at dinner, does he really have his shoes off & his ankle socks still on.  Never a good look.  Can this date just be over.

And onto the group date.  I actually appreciate that they at least do something in the communities, but what always surprises me is how surprised they are that it feels so good.  Growing up in the culture I grew up in & as my mother's daughter I think serving others was beat into my head.  It is fun to see them enjoy it so much & remember I should enjoy it too.  okay...a little deep for bach...I know.  but true?  yes.

Ashley is so completely insecure it is driving me insane!  I might scream if she laments Bentley leaving one.more.time.  Own it & move on.  Although I get that she hasn't seen all the crap footage.  Monday nights must be real fun for her about now.

JP is still the cutest.  Takes her out to the sand.  Perfecto.  And again, he wins for best kiss.  So why the Bentley hang over?  Why???

What the heck is up with Ryan?  bug. bug. bug.  Interrupting her as she is about to hand out the rose?  I might have just sent him home right then for that. 

Ames.  Ames?  Ames gets the 2nd 1-on-1?  Wow.  She is really committed to this process.  Although he was surprisingly personable.  And can't be that location.  Really.  Scot?  Are you listening?  I want to go there.  

Why 1 more rose?  Why???  People to eliminate asap.  Nick. {Bleached hair on guys is never good.}  Ben C. {Did you see how square his head is?  I would not want to birth that child.}  West. {Okay, I know touchy subject on the wife front, but he's weird, if I'm being completely honest.}  Constantine. {For the adidas sandals alone & the fact that his name is Constantine...what if he wants to pass that on or something?}  William.  {Great first date, but all things considered he's a 30 year old cell phone salesman...where's that going?  If I'm Ashley I'm aiming a bit higher than that at this point.}
Ryan...you're walking on thin ice.  Blake...don't be a chick & call him out.
I will leave Ames still up for grabs for the fact that he's obviously no slouch in the life department, that wins major points in my book & he proved himself good company.

Until next week.  Who could possibly be in that hotel room.  I wish it was producers showing her all the crap footage.  Surely I will be disappointed.


Ali said...

i am dying over your commentary. and so is shelly. we too noticed the adidas sandals and thought the same thing. can't wait to see who resides in the hotel room next week. tho i'm kinda feeling like we've done things like this before on the bechelor. i think they are running out of ways to make it more dramatic. until next week!
p.s. let's get together sometime! seriously!

Alyssa said...

I'm dying over all your comments because they are EXACTLY my comments the whole time I was watching too! Constantine from "AI" the sandals, the socks, who she should send home, if she mentions Bentley again so help me! Man I hope they either have Bentley there to apologize or show her the footage.... This is my first time watching and its very entertaining. If you ever want someone to watch with, let me know. We watch at Camille Johnson's house Mondays at 9pm. :) Miss ya!

Bri said...

apparetly i need to make a trek out to your house for one of these shows....there might have to be too much pausing and rewind through the hysterical laughter though? you kill me jarvi...

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