Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Week

You've heard me say it a million times.  I love where I live & it is mostly because of those around me.  We all live on the same street {okay one lives 1 street north} & I couldn't be happier about it.  Believe it or not 2 or 3 girls from my immediate street were even missing.  Needless to say we have lots of fun in between & mostly during 'mom duty.'  There are 25 kids & 1 on the way between us.  My favorite part of this picture -- the abandoned baby carrier in the background.  Pretty much a staple.

Date night was especially good this week too.  Tim McGraw & favorite friends.  Enough said.  Except that I'll keep should know when Scot & I started dating he was viewer of BET & was once found at an Eminem/50 cent concert.  Needless to say, we've come a long way.

Post date night took a turn for the worse when I came home to a very sick Scoobs.  He'd be sick the day before, but fine the day of.  That night, he was crying in pain & we thought for sure he'd need his appendix out...he had all the symptoms.  So I headed to the ER with a tough boy who was crying with every little bump.  Begging me to not drive over anymore.  We waited about 5 minutes & headed back to a bed where he threw up & moaned in discomfort.  A screaming {literally he was screaming} ultra sound & $200 later...he has a bad stomachache...okay his lymph nodes were swollen so he wasn't really faking it by any means.  Kill me.  Although I will say since I had just come from the Tim McGraw concert I was certainly the best dressed ER patient in the building between the hours of 12am & 4am.  Not that that is tough...there are some interesting peeps in there.

Today.  Dress ups while I get ready for the day.  The swim hat did me in, so I grabbed my camera & she popped her leg.  Who does that at 2?  Heaven help me.

The Lady is a picky little thing & insists on dressing herself most days, or at least picking the pieces, I usually do the dressing.  This is what she came up with today.  There were a few rejected pieces on her bedroom floor.  She knew just what she wanted & frankly, I'm kind of impressed with her outfit skills.

And Scoobs.  Handsome devil.  He wanted his picture taken too. 
Notice any similarities between my outfit & the Lady's?  
She's an observant one I tell ya.

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