Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Class of 2011: Miss Megan

Meet Megan.  Megan is my cousin & I remember when she was born!  Being only 11 days older than my brother, she sticks out in my mind growing up.  I remember when our moms found out they were both pregnant.  Our moms come from a family of 6 girls & they were all in Texas on a 'girls trip.'  For whatever reason my mom took a pregnancy test...I'm pretty sure it started as a joke, but then it became all too real, all too fast when it turned up positive.  My mom was crying because she was pregnant {it was a bit of a shock, when her youngest was 10!} & Megan's mom was wishing to be pregnant & was crying because she wasn't...only to find out shortly she was pregnant as well.  

Don't worry peeps my mom's eyes dried pretty quick & I think we are all in agreement that Kevin is the best kind of 'accident.'

I think this designed turned out to be my favorite this year.  It is the 5x7 ornate printed on pearl paper.  I'm not quite sure what I love about it, but its love.

Love ya Megs.

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