Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Weddings: Ornate Trifold

Sometimes designing is fun & sometimes it is really fun.  In this case, it was really fun.  I have been waiting & waiting {sometimes not so patiently} for a bride to choose the ornate trifold for an invite.  And finally Kursty showed up on my doorstep.  She had a clear idea of the feel & look for her invite, with examples to show me, color samples of her colors & super cute engagement pictures.  
That makes designing fun.

What makes it really fun, is when the client's style matches yours.

Without further adieu...The Kursty Collection
I don't think they tied them, but sometimes I get carried away with myself.

This is the backside of the invite.
And while I loved loved loved the invite...the RSVP card may have been my favorite thing.  
They did a post card for the RSVP & I love the whimsy of it. 

Invite was professionally printed on linen coverstock


Nicole said...

Those are adorable!!! The postcard is such a great idea... I love it!

Debbie said...

As always! Superb!

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