Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tired is an Understatement.

To say we've been busy is putting it mildly.  In the last 48 hours I have been running, running, running.  And not the running that produces nice toned legs.  Nor the running that includes running from one fun thing to the next...I like very much that kind of running.  Instead, this running is the kind that leaves me ragged by the end of the day.  Mentally seized up & physically drained.

We've {by we, I mean me & my poor unsuspecting children} have run more errands in the last 2 days than we have quite possibly all summer.  Back & forth, up & down, we've done them all.  We've baked more than I've baked all year.  We've turned out invites faster than you can imagine.  We've been to the grocery store, the post office {with a 4-year-old who forgot shoes, no less}, costco, the library, the paper store {twice!}, the office supply store, Wal-Mart, the party store, Target {of course!}...and a few stops for Diet Cokes along the way!  Just thinking about it makes me sweat all over again {remember it is still 100+ here}.

And while I am tired {wait, I'm always tired!} it feels good.  So much is getting done.  I think I've finally found the perfect details for the perfect wedding invites & I can't wait to see them done & in my hands.  That is always the moment of truth & is probably what is making me the most tired.  I have mild anxiety attacks until they are printed & in my hands.  Tomorrow I will post a little sneak peek of them...I am so excited!

But I've got to get to bed asap...I have to show houses in the morning among all things.  Sometimes I think I should reduce the number of hats I wear & then someone says, 'can you show me some houses?' and I get all excited & get sucked back into it all.  oh well.  Who said tired was a bad thing with all this going on?

Oh and by the way...to add to the madness, The Lady decided to wet her pants 4 times today! FOUR!  Really?  The 4th time was at the dinner table, with dinner guests.  awesome.  I think they were pretty impressed...or grossed out.

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Natty by Design said...

Oh the grind of family life and a working mama…somehow comforting, wonderful and miserable all at the same time!

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