Friday, August 5, 2011

Yesterday Went Like This...

5 seconds after getting out of bed, this is how my lap looks.  I should love it.  And I do...for about 5 minutes & then I start to feel claustrophobic.  All the climbing, pushing & pulling get to be too much...but this is typically what it looks like if I sit down. 

After breakfast {waffles} we got dressed to head to our last day of Summer Movies.  The Lady got to come today because I was too lazy to make other arrangements for her & frankly, it was kind of a dumb movie, so I didn't really mind her interruptions.

Before heading out I had to check on my pillows & my tree {see it in is the one leaning dangerously!}   We had a huge lightning & thunder storm the night before, I am hoping my favorite tree makes it through this last little part of monsoon season.  It has braved 3 other storms -- 1 in which I actually stood out there in the storm bracing it with my butt.  Yes.  You read that right.  It was a sight to see & all the neighbors like to laugh at me about it...because it really was funny.  There are more over-the-top dumb stories about this tree than it possibly deserves, but I am determined to save it because we spend lots of time under it in the winter!

Finally.  The cool a/c of the movie theater.  The Lady is a champ {eating more popcorn than I think humanly possible} and I have to wear a jacket to keep cozy.  perfect.  Until I walk outside.  yuck.

Invite a friend/cousin over for Scoobs...they play & I work.  perfecto.

Pour a Diet Coke & get busy!
The Lady wakes up from her nap...and an afternoon dance party ensues.  This is how I get my kids to clean up their toys...pump them up & then dole out assignments.  Their favorite?  Shoe Patrol.  That person has to put away every random shoe strewn from here to Timbuktu. 

And then, it is time for dinner.  The children miraculously color {???} while I cook.  I wish they did this everyday, but truthfully?  They are usually rough housing somewhere while I try to pull dinner together.  I'm glad I got this on appears so 'Leave it to Beaver.'

Dinner is Served.  Chile Chutney Quesadillas.
I think this recipe might land a spot in one of my favorite things.
I crave it regularly.

After dinner, Scot gets home & I head out.  He handled bedtime, while I met with 2 different clients.
Lots of weddings coming up & I can't wait to show you!  
Think pearl paper, oversized {like really big} & vintage stamps...they are going to be my new favorites, I'm sure.

By the time I got home, it was after 11 pm...granted I stopped by my parent's house to say hello after my meetings.  Then I decided I should catch up on SYTYCD and then my kids were randomly up alllll.night.

phew.  I'm tired today.

But Friday is play day.  So we are off to play with friends.

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Amberly said...

so great seeing you today. your little busy bodies are darling and I always come away from you feeling uplifted... love you!

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