Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh The BUGS!

{the largest cricket I have ever seen}

When sending Scoobs out to play, it is not uncommon for my last words to be -- 'No catching crickets!'
Why?  Because it's gross.
But I quickly learned to broaden my scope -- after saying no crickets he promptly brought me a cockroach & suddenly crickets looked dreamy.

These are the bugs & birds {yes birds} he has managed to 'catch' in the last week.
Yes, one week has yielded all these specimen:

The caterpillar...

which I now think turns into this 'leaf bug'
Guess Horton wasn't lying about these guys

Unfortunately the catching of this 'leaf bug' left him down 1 leg.
He caught him in our garage after soccer practice & I have to say the thing was a leaping leaf bug & scared the dickens out of me.  Not Scoobs.  He was on it in a flash.  But without that leaping leg, he only lasted until the next morning & was dead by lunch time.  Heartbreak hotel.

And...the bird.  I have no idea how this came about, but it is gross.

He is also my chief black widow spotter.  He knows just what they look like & to NOT TOUCH.  Thank heavens.  Last week he found one under their slide complete with a web & egg sac.  Can you tell we haven't been outside in months?  I didn't see it at first & just thought he was messing with me.  He promptly took his chubby little hands on each side of my head & got it positioned just right so I could see the little fella for myself.

Needless to say, the bug guy was here asap.

And somehow Scoobs was at a friends when all the spraying went down. He came home to dead crickets in front of the door & promptly asked if the bug man had come.  Upon learning he had missed him, he fell to a fit on the floor.

Maybe we have found his future career.


Ali said...

oh. my. makes me shiver! the bird?! what in the world!? so funny!

Amberly said...

the bird creeps me out! was it alive?? ew, ew, ew. to all of it!

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