Friday, October 7, 2011

Custom Bridal Shower Invites

I am so very behind in every aspect of my life!  I have weddings, showers & announcements galore to get posted but two months of pregnancy induced illness is bound to set a girl back.  I am not sure if I am completely out of the woods yet, but I am almost 48 hours throw up free...which counts for something right?

Onto the fun...these particular invites were for a girl I used babysit, which of course makes me feel old.  Is is just me, or are you stuck at 21 in your mind as well? 

Jessica's shower was so cute & fun & I was so happy to help with the invites.  congrats Jess!

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Amberly said...

are these the ones you re-did after your mom was having an indecisive moment? these are darling, I love the fun font! i really need to have a baby, or get married again or SOMETHING so you can design something fabulous for me!

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