Friday, September 16, 2011

You Say it's your Birthday

It's this guys birthday today & I wish I could say I have something over-the-top fun planned, but no.  I do not.  Is it a sign that we are getting old?  Or a sign that both of our lives are filled with way too many things for 2 little people to accomplish each day?  Probably a combination of both.  But if you are friends with me on Facebook, then you know Scot is carrying the heavier load right now.  Which really means, he actually does accomplish all the things he needs to & I just look at my 'list' and walk away...pretending I never saw it.  And then you know what?  Scot accomplishes most of my list too.

He did buy his own birthday present...again anti-climatic...but you should know he NEVER spends money on himself & he loves it & won't be returning it, so that makes me love it too.

I can at least make cupcakes though, right?  And don't get carried away, thinking I will bake some masterpiece you saw on Pinterest last night.  No. no. no.   I mean like from the box with some frosting.  And heck, maybe I'll do something really sexy like have all the laundry done when he gets home.

Happy Birthday to the original Scoobs.  We think you're pretty great.

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