Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Favorite Things: X Factor

When I heard X Factor was coming to Fox this fall, I was not excited.  Isn't just like American Idol?  What's the point of one more singing competition.

But then, I've been sick for 2 months & have therefore, seen basically every TV show there is to see this fall.  And X Factor?  It's my favorite.  It doesn't quite de-throne Survivor, but if I had to pick which one to sit & watch with a bowl of popcorn, it might just be X Factor...which I guess would de-throne Survivor.

And mostly because this girl was the first audition: 

How incredibly cute is she?  And her voice?  I love everything about her.

After getting her 4 yeses {is that how you spell that?} she headed to boot camp, where they had to perform in groups.  Her group got the hardest song & my mother heart was on pins & needles for her as she struggled to find the key.  I am sure my pregnancy hormones are alive & kicking because I literally had a pit in my stomach as I watched her in such a stressful situation at such a young age.
I may or may not have cried.
Really, it is almost pathetic...except now I am blogging about it.

But tell me after watching that you didn't just fall a little {okay a lot} more in love with her?

She passed that round as well & then they performed solo in front of an audience.
All I can say is I get chills every time I watch this performance.
go ahead...push play.

Now she will move onto the Judges Houses.  The contestants have been split up into 4 groups with each judge mentoring a specific group.  Her mentor?  Simon Cowell, which I am very excited about, because he has a soft spot for Miss Rachel as well.

Tonight was supposed to be the episode where they go to the Judges Houses...unfortunately, the baseball playoff game went into 11 innings & cut into the show 30 minutes.  Soo, they ran a re-run.  

Disappointment City over here.
I had my kids in bed.
Scot was working late.
Treats at the ready...and no show.
boo. hoo.

Holding out hope for tomorrow.

Tell me you will tune in with me???

1 comment:

Jenna Lee said...

Can I just say I LOVE her too. I have already seen all 3 of these and just watched them again for fun...and I balled on the last one AGAIN...Braxton asked me what what was wrong!!

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