Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Have Found My Calling in Life.

It is to be a Soccer Mom.

I always knew I would love this phase of motherhood, I just didn't realize quite how much.  Growing up Saturdays were for 3 things: yardwork {bright & early}, soccer & water basketball.  I loved to play soccer, but didn't realize how much when I was little.  I was usually goofing off on the field & watching my dad be frustrated with me.  In fact, I am pretty sure he wanted to kill me, but I had yet to develop my over-the-top competitiveness that now accompanies me.

My sister played the longest.  She did club.  She played in high school.  She found teams in college & a couple of years ago, she & I played with a group of other moms on an indoor league.  That may have been some of the most fun I've had playing soccer.  I was just about to try to get another team together when I found out I was pregnant...so I suppose that will have to wait.

Then came my little brother.  I loved going to his games & found myself loud on the sidelines.  One year I refereed his games, which was really a way for me to coach him on the field...shh...don't tell.

And now we are to Scoobs.  And it just gets better.  I am pretty sure I could sit at soccer games all day Saturday, every Saturday.  I remember when I was younger I would always say if I had to pick all boys or all girls for my kids, I would for sure do all boys, because I could sit at ball games for hours.  It never gets old.  Unless it's too hot, I'm pregnant & sick...then I might sit a game out.  But I have yet to find something to keep me from a game.  

And even better, he's pretty good.  He seems to 'get' the game at young age & it is fun to see him think things through on the field.  We are still at the age where coaches are on the field & I constantly see him listening to what the other coach is telling his players & then trying to intercept their efforts.  It is pretty funny.  He has also figured out how to slide tackle...at 4 years old.  I have no idea where he got the idea, or if it just came naturally as a means to an end, but he manages to do it at opportune times & it kills me every. single. time.  

{these two were having foot races all game long...}

But all that aside, my very favorite thing is that he is aggressive & competitive.  There was one week where he had about 10 shots on goal & he could not get a single shot in the net.  The other team's goalie was awesome.  He came out at half time mad as all get out that not one shot went in and I kind of loved it.  He went out determined to get one in & I'm glad that he will really focus in & work for it.

And above all, he loves it.  He cried when lasts week's game was over.  gotta love that.

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Amy F. said...

I love this!! Living the soccer mom dream! I hope to follow soon ;)
My Dad had 6 daughters, so when it came to me, #3, he was my soccer coach at 10 years old. It was my one and Only year of playing, lol.
#4 got kinda skipped the sports stuff, so sis #5 is our soccer girl (still playing in a junior college now).
I always thought I'd be a mom to 4 boys so I could be that mom taking them to practice, cheering them on, etc, but having been raised in an all girl family, I realize girls can have that too, lol (we all played tennis).
I LOVE going to my sister's soccer games too!

Go Zac!! He is rockin' it!!

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