Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Cards 2011: Believe

This might just be my new favorite.  My favorite part of Christmas is kids belief in Santa Claus.  I know that has nothing to do with the birth of our Savior, but that element of pure belief captures a child's perfect faith & I love it.

I remember one year when Scoobs was little {okay he still is, but I think he was 2 1/2} and we were out jumping on the trampoline late one night {as in past his bedtime}.  As we were jumping we could see over the fence to a huge truck, pulling a huge trailer filled to the brim with carolers.  The bed of the truck held Santa & Mrs. Claus up on a platform with spotlights on them.  It was equipped with speakers & a megaphone announcing their arrival.  To say it is an awesome set up is an understatement.

As we are jumping I am looking at this & it takes me a minute to realize what is going on...I know, I'm slow.  But I see them turn the corner & realize they will be on our street in 2 seconds.  I rushed Scoobs off the tramp & out front.

I cannot tell you the look on his face when he saw that Santa & trailer filled with carolers singing our favorite Christmas tunes.  Magic.  He was stunned speechless.  I was surprised he was that impressed until he looked up at with me stars in his eyes & said, "Mom, Santa came to see me."

He was dead serious & felt so very special.

I about died.

What more is there to love?


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Mae said...

Found your blog through Natty by Design and love it!!! I'm your newest follower :)

~mary susan

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