Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas 2011: Chevron Tags

This year, I am all about presentation.  Really.  Pinterest has done me {and my poor husband} in with all the oodles of ideas.  My Christmas cards have taken on a life of their own.  And my gift wrapping is beginning to quickly get out of control as well.  What's most funny, is I keep thinking, 'I just want it simple.' And then, promptly kill myself in pursuing simplicity.

Who said the look of simplicity is simple at all?  Not I.  Not I.

BUT I do have some printable tags in the shop {new today!} that actually might simplify & beautify your holiday wrappings.

I am picturing them on a package like this:

More colors & designs coming...but for the first 3 comments {please leave your email!} I will send you the file for free.  Just cause I think your Christmas should be 'simple' too.


bryn said...

I love the tags and I love the quest for simplicity. Also, I will soon be purchasing on etsy our Christmas cards. Loving your designs. And I agree, pinterest is killing us all!


utelaw at yahoo . com

Mae said...

Love these!!!! Can't wait to look around your shop!!

Amberly said...

hellooo... me, please!!

(do I count?)

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