Tuesday, November 29, 2011

White Picket Frames

Now I know you've heard me make mention of how much I adore where I live.  Really, it's no lie.  I don't think I could be surrounded by more fun, love & goodness.

And I think you've heard me mention my neighbor 3 doors down, Heather.  Yes, I know you have.  She & I actually went to high school together my freshman year & her sophomore year & then my family moved.  I adore Heather.  I only wish I had known her better in high school.  I'm sure we would've drummed up some good times.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  Heather is White Picket Frames.  I've posted a few pics on my Facebook & had a lot of inquiries & thought this would be the best place to give you want info & know & point you in the right direction.

So the frames...
you should know my photographer sister as turned me into a snot regarding all things pictures & frames are no exception.  We are all big fans.  Heather has done an awesome job on these, so know that.

And now, the pricing, which is all your really need to know anyway:

16x20 - $85
5x7 - $19

11x14 - $35
8x10 - $26

11x14 - $35
8x10 - $26

16x20 - $65
11x14 - $35

11' Square - $35
8' Square - $28
{this is the round frame, but you actually put a square pic in it}

And that folks, is all I know.  So if you want more info - contact Miss Heather yourself:

She is putting an order in this Friday...so don't delay. 

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