Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Gratitude

It is 8:30 pm.  Both Scot & I have had a long day.  By long, I mean filled to the brim with good things for him to do, for I to do, for our kids to do.  But long none the less. 

Up at 6:30, I started designing, then Scoobs had school, I had a routine doctor appointment, wherein my godsend of an OB prescribed me a ZPack for my really sore throat & nagging cough {hallelujah!}, the kids & I did lunch on the road to run some errands for church activities happening this week.  Then we did naps for the Lady, a movie for Scoobs, designing for me & then my sister's kids joined us while she shot a few more families' Christmas pics.  Then I rushed to my mom's to drop my kids, so I could join Scot & my cousin {who was in from out-of-town just for today} for dinner.  En route, I was already 15 minutes late & then was stopped to a dead stop on the freeway, with an accident between me & my exit just 3/4 mile down the road.  30 minutes later, I made it to dinner.  Just in time to say hi, grab a few bites of my already ordered food & shuttle my cousin off to the airport.

Then home to bed.  Except I stopped at my mom's for a bit & Scot brought the kids home to start the dirty work of bedtime.

As I type, he is still in reading stories, wrestling & singing songs for the kids, who are 1 hour past their bedtime.  And while sometimes, especially on nights like tonight, I think, 'just say no,' I'm actually really grateful that he spends so much time with them at bedtime.  They love it.

And that is my gratitude in this long-winded ramble.  I'm not a mushy person...at.all. {in case you hadn't noticed}  But tonight, I'm mushy & I'm grateful.  For a husband who despite piles of MBA homework staring him in the face tonight, still reads 1 more book & snuggles 1 more snuggle.  Because those are the little things that are really more important than all of the big things.

That, and I don't have the energy to read 1 more book!

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