Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To: Line Your Envelopes

Remember my quest for simplicity this Christmas?  Well part of that simplicity included lining my envelopes for my Christmas cards.  Don't ask me how this is simplifying when in fact it is more work, but I love a lined envelope!  I'd looked around online to see about buying liners for my envelopes or buying pre-lined envelopes, but no dice.  I mean, they exist, but not in the exact look or combination I wanted needed.

So I figured now {booked with custom card orders, a wedding too, 5 months pregnant & w/ the flu last week} was the perfect time to take on that little big project.

Okay, it really wasn't all that overwhelming.  Most of the time it is what I call 'tv work.'  You know, your husband is working late, kids are asleep, you pop in a movie & check something off your list?  Mind you I had 4 loads of laundry to fold, but that could wait.

Onto the envelopes!

My cards this year are purple & green...can ya tell?
I will show you the full envelope later, but here they are lined in a myriad of papers.
To get started you need to first make your pattern.  To do this, outline the exterior of the envelope on white cardstock & then cut out.  I lined mine up in the corner of the page so I didn't have to cut those 2 edges.  My mom will attest that I am a bad cutter.

Once you have you pattern cut out, slid it into the envelope to make sure it fits.  I was thinking I was going to have to trim my pattern down after tracing around the exterior, but not so.  You actually can just slide it right down, lining it up just below the adhesive part of the envelope.

Once you know it fits okay, start tracing & cutting out your liners on the paper of you choice.  I just bought a 'pad' of scrapbook paper from Michaels {hence the different patterns}.  It was cardstock, but not overly heavy.

I then used a glue stick to just glue them in.

And presto.  My very own lined envelopes...in just the colors I needed.

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