Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas...To You from Me.

Last year I made the mistake of designing everyone's Christmas card prior to my own & then hating both designs I did for myself.  Yes, that's right, there were two & they were both lousy.  This year, I was not going to let that happen because there is nothing more annoying than your own card being lackluster.  I have a hard time designing for myself anyway & after I design 50 cards & then come to my own, I've usually used up all my good ideas & I have nothing left in the tank.  So, this year, I had a plan & I stuck to it & I have to say, I actually like my own card, which is a rarity.  So let us celebrate that...and one other thing...

{notice the empty shoes}

it's a boy, in case you hadn't already heard...and we are all really excited.

And if I'm keeping it real, photos by Lindsey...on a random Sunday morning.  My kids' outfits were chosen 15 minutes prior & my sister forgot we had talked about doing pics that morning {the day before} and I went & yanked her from her family in her pjs for our little session...whatever it takes right?

You should also know, that she had to move a head {I think she moved the Lady's} to get that super cute picture of both my kids on the back.  This year I've decided that good pics are rarely the result of the actual people in them & moreso the talent of the photographer.  More on that later.


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

love them - so stinkin' cute Amy!!

Leah said...

What the cutest card ever!! LOVe it

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