Thursday, January 19, 2012

Custom Wedding Invites

Remember that post about hell week?  Sorry dad...bad word choice {again}, but really, that week always about does me in.  Remember I mentioned a wedding thrown into the holiday madness?  Well this was it.  And I was most delighted with the way they turned out.

I always have mild {to extreme} anxiety when printing a large wedding suite.  The second I hit that button to 'send to print' I want to crawl under my desk & cry until they are actually in my hands.  It is like handing someone your baby, except its not actually on any level near your own child, but the toil & sweat that went into that creation sometimes looks cuter than your actual child, who has taught himself to burp & likes to moon you at inopportune times.  Anyway, it feels kind of like handing over your baby and then hoping they handle it just right & get all the cuts, folds & colors done to perfection, like you've drummed up in your head.

I'm not gonna lie, the copper color on this scared me half to death.  What if it came back orange?  eek.  Happy Halloween...and oh, by the way, we're getting married.  Yeah...that's what I was scared about.

BUT happy to report, it came back perfectly copper.

phew.  And I have to say, I feel in love with it & all the added touches.

This invitation measures 5"x7" and is an ornate tri-fold printed on pearl paper.  The exterior was copper, and instead of a belly band the mother of the bride searched far & wide for the perfect lace to wrap the invite in.  Then we tied & tagged.  I am in love with the lace.

When opened guests were invited to the occasion & given all the details, including a stunning picture of the happy couple.

We did a lot of different typefaces & colors creating a beautiful layers of text.  We went back & forth on so many things getting each detail just right & finally just started sharing our pinboards...come to find out, we had both pinned a lot of the same invites!  A picture is worth a thousand words & once we had done that, it was like magic.  Everything just fell right into place.

The backside of the invite showed the couple on a motorcycle.  Come to find out, it was the groom's friend's motorcycle that they borrowed for the shoot because he had sold his very same motorcycle to buy a ring.  I love the sentiment & hope he gets a new motorcycle soon!

The inserts measure 4"x6" and give the guests all the extra details.  Again, we did a lot of different typefaces & colors to carry the design throughout.

And while I was scared to death of printing the copper, I'm so very glad we did.
They were mailed in a navy envelope that was pearl as well & we stamped these in gold with a calligraphy stamp as well for the return address.

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