Friday, January 20, 2012

A Simple Thank You.

{I have no idea where the source of this picture is...Pinterest.  But I love it.}

What is it about a 'thank you' that makes any job or situation tolerable?  For me, it is the simple recognition of a job well done or completed that always makes me feel worthwhile & appreciated.  Some of my favorite cards that I've received are ones of thanks.  They are usually unexpected & always make me feel like a million bucks...whether deserved or not!

Recently, I owed some {a lot} of people some thanks.  Thanks for thinking of me.  Thanks for your help. Thanks.  And so, I did what I normally do.  Spend an excessive amount of time thinking about it & then putting it on paper & thinking of you.  And so, here they are.  My new thank you cards.

Up and ready in the shop.  Printed double-sided on Fine Art Linen paper & paired with Kraft paper envelopes.  I think they turned out pretty cute!   

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