Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heavy...with Child & Cute Kids.

Suddenly I am feeling the weight of this baby.  My 'nesting' days seemed to have past & my energy levels have dwindled, fading between barely there & non-existent.  My ability to sleep has vanished & yet I am always tired.  I can't catch my breath & while I can still wear my fabulous maternity pants, the desire to actually get dressed is getting smaller & smaller each day.  I counted last night to see how many weeks left.  I have not kept track of how far along I've been this whole pregnancy.  People ask & I usually reply, 'I don't know...about...and then make my best guess.'  My neighbor a couple houses down, is due 2 weeks after me & she is a religious week-keeper-tracker, so I've depended on her to keep me up to date when I really can't pin it down...even remotely close!  Technically, I have 12 weeks left, but with a scheduled C-Section at least one week early, I have only 11 weeks left to be heavy with child.

I know they will go by fast, but the hospital is starting to look more & more enticing.  I finally feel like I know what I am doing the third time around. And so while I continue to get heavier with child, I do less & less & my kids roam the neighborhood more & more.

Some favorite pics from the week:

These 4 are the plasma car posse.
Do you have a plasma car?  If not, you need to get one.  Both my kids cruise on it.

Scoobs & The Lady & their cousin at the park.  I wish I could say this picture is as rosy as it appears, but in actuality, Scoobs was bringing me, 'the babies' because they were 'bugging' him & his friends.  I kind of love that he walked them hand in hand clear across the park to deposit them with me.  They might have been bugging, but he's a good brother, right?

And this girl.  She has been sick as a dog today, but this week she's been scrounging around the hood like nap hair ragamuffin...because, you know, I am too heavy with child to do it.  The red shoes?  They were my nieces from 10 years ago. I loved them when she wore them & the Lady dug them out of her stash this week & lo & behold, they fit.  perfecto. raggy hair & all.
Oh & do you love that we can wear shorts in January?  I do.

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Anonymous said...

Aaaw! Loved those shoes...hope you all are feeling better soon!

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