Friday, January 13, 2012

Just for Laughs.

It's Friday & I suppose you could use a laugh.  So, have one at my expense.  If you follow me on Instagram {btw, are you on Instagram?  You should be...find me at amygregory} you've already laughed your guts out.

Instagram is giving a topic-a-day for a photo-a-day.  Tuesday's topic: Blast from the Past.  At first, I thought hmm, and then I thought...should I?  Should I really put this picture out there?  um, yes.  It is way too funny not to put out there.  So here I am.  6th Grade:

eat your heart out

You should know the pictures on either end {5th & 7th grade} are much better & that I was actually Student Body President this year...who? who? Who voted for me?  Not sure with this get up.  My husband likes the button covers the very best.  And I am happy to point out that denim shirts are making a comeback.  I can only hope Teva's with socks also make a comeback & then I will be in 6th grade heaven!

My sister read The Ugly Duckling at my wedding dinner...pretty sure this picture served as inspiration!  yeesh!

So the story.  The story behind this edited & digitized 6th grade photo is one worth sharing.  And so I do for your Friday enjoyment.

My mom found herself cleaning some back, neglected closet & happened upon the actual glasses in this photo.  I remember getting these was when 'wire rimmed' was all the rave & I was delighted to update my spectacle situation.  My previous ones, had Lucy from Peanuts on the side. They were cute...when I was 5, but I was verging on teenager here!  Although, I do remember, wire rimmed was a close call for me because, yep, you guessed it, my lenses were borderline too thick.  Oh the shame.  Luckily they figured a way to make it work.  phew.

So my mom finds the glasses in this closet last month & what does she do with them?  She holds them out for me so I could keep them.  For what?  I was not sure.  In fact, I balked when she gave them to me & she chided me...just like old times.  Didn't I know they were a keepsake?!?  Um.  no.

So I brought them home & they sat on my desk.  They sat & they sat until White Elephant Christmas parties started coming up.  Husband would rather spend nothing on White Elephants, I'm usually good with any amount so long as it produces a good laugh.  So we were going back & forth what to bring.  We had had the best gift last year & could not think of one thing to top it.  Until he thought of the spectacles.  And then it donned on me...the picture, the specs...a shadow box...perhaps a signature to go with it...Perfect.  Until we told my mom & she again balked at our lack of respect for this treasured keepsake.  Again, I am usually good with any amount, so long as it produces a good laugh & this 'keepsake' was something I was happy to part with.
But again, my mom won {are you seeing a pattern here?} and I didn't give them as a white elephant.  Okay it was my mom & my hesitation in framing this's a tad embarrassing { I am}.

So my specs continued to sit.  My digitized pic looked back at my from my desktop.  And then it hit me.

If she was so attached to this keepsake then she should have them.  And so I printed that digitized picture & lovingly encased it in a shadow box along with those treasured spectacles.  Forever together...and off my freaking desk.

You should know I picked up some new glasses this week & after trying on every.single.pair. & having nothing fit {I made my mom come with me} I upped my status from wire rimmed to a Juicy Couture pair that I the kids section.  I'm not sure why I ever try to leave the kids section anymore...even my face is the size of a 12-year-old's!

Happy Friday.  Hope you didn't pee your pants from laughing so hard.  Actually, I take that back...I hope you did pee your pants!


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

You are oh so brave Amy!! Thanks for sharing!

Lindsey said...

Aaaaw good times..."Look in the mirror" Hahahahahaha!

Lindsay Olson said...

Still laughing...Thanks for making my day amy!!!!!!!

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