Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nesting & Such

I am in the full fledge nesting stage of my pregnancy.  How do I know?  I am bone tired at the end of each day because I think I should tackle project after stupid project.

That being said, I love it.

If there are ANY perks to being pregnant {you know, besides the resulting baby} nesting is one of them.  With a very firm deadline looming over your head where you know life is going to get turned upside down & inside out, along with your hormones, you think, yes!  yes!  I should get that room painted, those picture frames dusted, those flowers planted {even if it means moving rock & re-routing sprinklers, dang it!} & then there is my pinterest board.  Surely I should tackle some of those items as well!  And so I do.

And then, at night when I am physically exhausted from all those excursions {today is the first day I have literally felt the weight of carrying this baby...and I may have walked my fist waddle} I sit down to my computer & think of even more fun projects that I should accomplish, you know, before the baby.

That is my slogan...'better get it done...before the baby!'

It is like a death sentence...hurry up, get it done, only 3 months left!!!  My sister-in-law, who has 5 girls lamented she actually is due for a nesting phase.  While she is done having kids,  should she have continued, she'd be about due for another baby & the resulting nesting phase, upon which your house just shines, projects get dreamed up & completed just like that. 

And since, I am all about looking on the bright side of things these days, nesting is a definite bright side of pregnancy.  Even better, my husband doesn't dare argue with me about all my stupid projects because I am a hormonal mess!

Happy Nesting.

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Jenna Lee said...

Oh man I am so there with you...I think I have taken the nesting stage to a whole different level!! We should project together..I have been kind of board during lately, which is so not like me and I can't find anything else to clean out!! And by the way my waddle started about a month ago!!

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