Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year...New?

What?  We all have something 'new' to add to our list for the upcoming year.  New goals, new things to focus on, the list goes on & on.

This year, I am having a baby, so my goal is to survive.  That's right, that is my top priority this year.

Okay, not really {yes, really!}, but I am keeping it simple this year so I don't feel overwhelmed.  Because feeling overwhelmed leads to stress, leads to goals not met & me feeling like a loser.

So while I am keeping it simple there is one thing I am adding to my week each year & I am hoping it stays simple!  That is Family Home Evening.  That is Mormon Talk for Monday night being Family Night.  Meaning we have a small lesson/thought, sing a song, open & close with prayer & cap it off with a treat.  Now, most nights at my house could be classified as 'Family Night.'  My kids are young & their activities don't take them from us in the every night is Family Night!  But this year, I've decided they are old enough that we are going to get a bit more formal in our approach -- like by actually calling it Family Home Evening & having a set lesson each Monday.

And while this might not sound simple at all I have found my link to sanity in this  This girl has a whole year of FHE {Mormon talk again...Family Home Evening} lessons!!!  Um, thank you.  That I can do.  And I might inform that I do not plan on every FHE going perfect or smooth & sometimes the treats will probably not be home made...but dang it, we will call it Family Home Evening!

Join me?

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Anonymous said...

Love the new blog design. :)

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