Thursday, January 5, 2012


Just got my copy of House Beautiful in the mail today & I'm obsessed with this house.  I am ready to move it tomorrow if they'll have me.  I tried finding the pictures online, but since I have a print subscription, no dice.  So my iphone pics will have to do...
The grass alone is enough to sell me.  You can never have too much lawn in my opinion.

This room.  To die for.  I don't like houses full of fluff where you don't feel like you can sit down -- that couch is begging for someone to nap on it.  

sigh.  These doors come off the room pictured above.

The french door leads right to the grass.  No pavers or patio, just lawn.
Nothing better.  And the blue wall?  Yes please.

I was sold before I got to the kitchen, but if you can see the floor well enough, it's beautiful.

All it needs is a tire swing hanging from a tree out front.
And I hope it already has a great side entry door that all your 'friends' come & go opposed to the front door.  I like side door friends best.

Interior Design by Bunny Williams.

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