Friday, February 17, 2012



If you are anything like me, you have 387 things pinned on your pinned boards, 'to do.'  right?  Organize this closet, like this.  Bake this fantastic cake.  Build this 'easy' locker.  On & on my list gets longer before it gets shorter.  And frankly, there are only a few of those things I might actually do.  These monsters were one of them.  On a random Sunday morning my kids were up at the crack of dawn & it was my turn to take the early morning.  And so, as I sat bleary eyed, I thought, you know, maybe I should actually do one of those 'mother of the year' type activities.  My sewing machine was already out, working on drapes & so these little guys were born...

The Lady's
And the cute backside!

My kids were really thrilled with the idea.  Beyond excited.  And they were really good about dumping out every piece of fabric, buttons, bows or ribbon they could drum up.  And then, they were done 'helping' & just wanted their monster done.  They did pick most of their own fabrics, but after the first 30 minutes they were ready to move on & I spent the next 3 hours, cutting, trimming, sewing & tweaking my made-up pattern.  Only to find myself running late for church & yelling at my kids to hurry up!  Didn't they know I had spent good time getting their monsters finished for them & now that meant they had to hurry like the dickens to make it to church on time?  Oh.  They didn't?  Well just call me 'mother of the year' then.   

Because I did that not just one Sunday, but two.  The first Sunday, I did them for the Lady & Scoobs & they actually USE them.  And sooo, I thought the baby shouldn't be left out.  He needed one too & my sewing machine was out again, recovering a chair this time, so why not? 

Scoobs actually took his job of choosing fabric for the baby very seriously & it might just be my favorite one.  I am happy to say, I even made these from my 'scraps!'  If you know my mom, you know she has about 679 different 'scraps' of fabric {And I have a lot of quilts to show for them!}.  But really people, I am talking drawers & drawers & tucked into every nook & cranny of her house.  If it wasn't cute, it might be called hoarding.  But I love it & I love looking at their cute monsters & seeing bits of old Halloween costumes...and okay, a lot of pieces I've 'borrowed' from my mom!  Why would I ever go to a fabric store when I have her stash?!? 


Amberly said...

they turned out darling!!

Debbie said...

Very cute! One of my kids has to start sewing..and you are showing some promise....although you need to discover patterns and stick to them missy!!! But seriously....very fun!

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