Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making Room for Baby

Over the last 3 or 4 months this ol' house of mine {which really isn't old at all} has seen plenty of change.  I've painted 2 rooms, moved 3 rooms, hung multiple picture walls {wait, I made my sister do that}, sewn drapes, hung drapery curtain rods, not once, but twice, recovered a chair & a myriad of other things...all for baby number 3.  He should already feel so loved, right?  And how will he show it?  By keeping me up all night, I'm sure.  But I think I will be happy with my sleepless accommodations & I'm sure he'll be cute with a head full of hair, so I'll take it.

Back to my room renovations...I had quite the time trying to figure out just where I wanted each little person in my life.  I had the baby pretty well locked onto a room, but there were 2 other rooms & 2 other people & the playroom?  Where to put all those dang toys.  I did not want to part with my play room & I was unsure of a room sharing possibility with a boy & a girl.  Is that even legal?  Not sure, but Scoobs & the Lady are bunking up...all so I can keep a door shut on the toys.

I figure this is the only time they will be able to share & it will probably only last 2 years before they are too old for such nonsense inflicted by their mother.  But until then this was Nesting Project No.1.  This room had to be done, so I could move the play room, so I could set up the babies room, etc, etc.

Here is the room 'in progress'

I spent a couple days prepping the walls for paint.  Seriously, I spent days prepping.  This room used to be the Lady's & I had a picket fence along that window wall, so I had lots to putty, sand, wipe down & prime.  It was a complete pain in the butt, but it was worth it.  Once I had that done & then taped, I banged out the painting in one night after Scot got home from work...maybe 3 hours?  I was pretty impressed with myself.  I used a paint with the primer already in it & it was worth the extra $10 to not have to do a double coat on the whole thing {there were a few spots I double touched}. 

For beds, we decided to go the bunk route, since I wanted to keep as much floor space as I could with two in there.  And it may have been the only I way I was able to sell Scoobs on the idea of sharing a room with his sister.  According to him, 'She bugs me.'  Shocker.  I bet when she is 16 he will feel a bit different about her...and her friends.
For the bedding, inspiration struck on the clearance aisle of Target.  I've never found so much, so randomly & so just what I needed on clearance at Target.  To be honest, I wasn't totally sure on the shared space idea, until I saw the bedding for the Lady.  The orange damask comforter? $19.98.  When I saw that, I thought, 'okay, she can do orange floral, he can do navy...I already have navy dressers...yes.  They are sharing.'  And that is how thought out my plan was.  Then that same trip I stumbled on that navy floral rug.  It is 5x7 & wool & I paid $39 for it.  sold again.  Scoobs sheets were $9.98.  His quilt almost broke the bank at a whopping $39 {not on sale} and the accent pillows were about $20 each...I figured I deserved a splurge there with all my other savings.  The only other thing I had to pick up were the baskets under the Lady's bed.  I got them at Hobby Lobby for about $30 for both & they house all their shoes.  And so, just like that, they were sharing a room...and I kinda love it.

Just this morning Scoobs informed me that his sister woke him up this morning with her 'heavy breathing.'  He actually imitated it & even in my own bed at 6 am I had to laugh.  My sister & I shared a room for 12 or 13 years & it took me right back.


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Looks great!! Can't wait to see pics of the new baby's room.

Summers Camp said...

We know ALL about shared spaces. Will and Elsie have been sharing for almost three years. Now they have a bunk and both love it. And guess where baby boy goes? With no spare rooms (let alone a playroom), baby will go in the closet. And I'm ok with that. I'm kind of excited about the pending nursery nook :) We've learned to minimize stuff, and I love the challenge of making a small space work. Besides, living in a two bedroom condo isn't that hard... Living in a one bedroom apartment with two kids? That's hard. *B

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