Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Consider this the first & last picture you will see of me pregnant.

Here I am in all my pregnant glory.  Right now I am 31 weeks, but according to the doc yesterday, I am measuring 32 weeks...and trust me, I'm feeling it.

This past weekend Scot & I headed out for our Valentine date & left our normal stomping grounds of suburbia & headed to our old stomping grounds around ASU's campus.  Funny how different the demographics shift in a 15 minute drive.  I was a walking ad for birth control amongst all the college co-eds.  The looks & comments were abundant & ever-hilarious.  You had the quiet looks of amazement that scanned me up & down with eyes bulging to the under-the-breath comments in the vein of, "Holy cow, did you see that girl?!?" "She is huge!" "Woah!"

It was funny & then it just got old.  But I am to that point now in pregnancy where everyone has something to say.  My pediatrician told me I looked like I should have had the baby yesterday, another asked if I was having twins & then followed up with seriously? when I told her no.  The guy at Home Depot even put triplets into play. I am.  Bursting with baby.  My local gas station attendant even offered me some of her old maternity clothes, which may have been the most funny moment of my life.

And sometimes I feel huge & other times, I feel just about normal...for being 31 weeks pregnant.  But now we are in the nitty gritty stages.  The uncomfortable nights & about zero clothes that fit just right.  But I have wished with my other two that I had just enjoyed the last weeks more & then every time I'm pregnant again, I remember why I don't.  I just feel fat, tired & awkward & this go around I feel completely overwhelmed & exhausted.

Yesterday my doctor indicated some minor complications that will require weekly doctor visits, along with weekly ultrasounds, blood tests & non-stress tests to monitor.  I'm grateful for the ability to monitor it & for that fact that it isn't anything overly worrisome, but it does leave my delivery date up in the air...something I've never had to have up in the air.  Both my other kids were scheduled c-sections, 2 weeks early due to prior complications & surgeries that make 'going into labor' dangerous for me & my babies.  And soo...I feel overwhelmed.  I'm sure my pregnancy hormones have nothing to do with these feelings.  Nothing at all.  The baby will probably come sooner than I planned, which really, who can complain about that {assuming all is healthy}?!?  But, now I am in a scramble mode where I feel like I need all my sheets washed, diapers bought & put away & what about the it expired?  All these last few little things that I have left lingering on my list, that I now want all wrapped up & I have about zero energy or motivation to actually do them.



BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I wished I looked as good as you at 31 weeks! You look awesome. Good luck with the last few weeks ... you will be fine!

Natalie said...

oh amy, i totally hear ya. those final weeks are so unfair. and hormones are NOT the cherry on top that we want. the perfect gift for every new mom SHOULD be the disappearance of fat and hormones, right? but due to the fact that you are trapped in a 12 yr old's body, its kinda hard to hear you complain about feeling fat. most everyone has you 'one-upped' on that babe! hee hee
good luck with the delivery. you'll be fine!

Amy @ Ink'd said...

haha Natalie! Laughing. Although, I did tell Scot last night, I might have liver problems & be anemic, but at least I don't swell {noticeably} or get stretch marks, right?!? You know, we are all about vanity over actual health here. :)

Perry Kids said...

you dont get stretch marks? curse you.

i thought i made it the whole pregnancy with brig w/o stretch marks. i was shouting for joy as i walked into the hospital to be induced. after i delivered, i saw them. so sad. but i guess you cant see everything while huge and preggers.

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