Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Update...and then back to work!


I am pretty sure this weekend was the last time I will actually 'dress' this body.  My pants fall down, my shirts creep is not pretty.  This is the size I normally am when I deliver...but here we are, housing a man-child & on baby watch.  I never thought I would be on 'baby watch.'  But alas, here we are.

Here is the story in numbers...

At 32 weeks the ultra sound measured the baby at 35 weeks & 5 pounds.

At 35 weeks the ultra sound measured the baby at 39 weeks & 8 pounds.  I may or may not have about fell off the table when I heard that, but in my gut {literally} already knew he was big.

Then I came home a had a mini meltdown.  Years ago I had fibroid tumors, which required a c-section like surgery to remove.  They were removed, benign, left me a pant size smaller & a whole lot of deep scarring on the backside of my uterus.  Thus, making me a great candidate for uterine rupture & requiring all my babies to be born via c-section.  At the time, my doctor & I weren't sure if I'd even be able to carry a baby full term.  But we are 2 for 2 so far & going for the 3rd.  But when I realized just how big he was & added how many more weeks I had to go...I got a little nervous.

Since I've had the Lady the hospitals in my area have changed their 'rules' and will not allow any scheduled c-sections or inductions prior to 39 weeks.  Both my others were born at 38 weeks & weighed 7.5 pounds.  So I may or may not have panicked at the thought of carrying such a big baby an additional week given my history.

But, and here is where baby watch comes in, once I am 36 weeks {today!} if I go into labor they will not stop it, but instead rush me in for my c-section.

If only I knew what 'going into labor' felt like & how to prod myself there.  Really.  I've had 2 kids & have never had a contraction & feel completely clueless about it all.  I figure he will come when he is ready...but let me tell you, my back?  It is ready for him to make an appearance sooner as opposed to later.  Like today?  tomorrow?  please?

Oddly enough, after I had the Lady I was lamenting with a friend that I was disappointed I would never get to experience labor.  Not that I think it is enjoyable, but I do recognize it as a valuable life experience & one that I would likely never have.

I guess sometimes you get what you ask for.

So...give me your best labor inducing ideas! 

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