Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Chevron Baby Shower Invites

 A friend was hosting a baby shower for another friend & asked if I'd do the invites.  I was happy to help & try a couple new things in the process.  Typically when I do invites, I send them to print at the professional print lab...where the options are almost endless.  But this time, I decided to tackle the printing myself.

This probably sounds weird, but sometimes I wonder how people do their own printing when they purchase printables from my shop.  So I decided to see exactly how it worked.  I assume a lot of people print them at photocards, but I wasn't really wanting that look, so I set out to find a better option.

I found some cream pearl paper at Joann's, which is really what started this whole print-them-myself thing.  I had never seen pearl paper on the shelves at my local paper or craft store & I wondered how it would work on an inkjet printer.  So set to find out.

I am happy to say, it worked like a charm.  I designed, then printed & cut.  Then to give them a more 'vintage' feel I used a gold ink pad to age the edges.  This is a great trick my neighbor showed me to give the edges just a bit more definition or an aged look depending on what color you use.

Next time you buy a printable, whether it be an invite or piece of artwork, think about printing it on a fun paper as opposed to sending it to your local photo printer...I'm kind of in love with it now.

These invitations are available in two colors, in the shop now.

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