Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What good have I done?

This past Sunday one of the speakers spoke about living a consecrated life.  In a general sense this means all our time, talents & efforts are used to bring others to Christ.  Now, does that mean dinner goes uncooked?   Or children go unbathed?  No.  But hopefully you get the idea.  It applies more so, in our thoughts, words & actions...are all those helping others come to know Christ?  Let me tell you something?  I could use some I'm sure you've noticed.

Anyway, he shared some thoughts from one of President Monson's addresses in 2009 & they've stuck.  This little tidbit in particular:

"A few years ago I read an article written by Jack McConnell, MD. He grew up in the hills of southwest Virginia in the United States as one of seven children of a Methodist minister and a stay-at-home mother. Their circumstances were very humble. He recounted that during his childhood, every day as the family sat around the dinner table, his father would ask each one in turn, “And what did you do for someone today?” 1 The children were determined to do a good turn every day so they could report to their father that they had helped someone. Dr. McConnell calls this exercise his father’s most valuable legacy, for that expectation and those words inspired him and his siblings to help others throughout their lives. As they grew and matured, their motivation for providing service changed to an inner desire to help others."  For the full talk, go here.

And so, remember my goal about actually having Family Night each Monday?  Well here is where we focused our thoughts this past Monday.  And while my 5 and almost 3 year-old can only grasp this concept in its very simplest form, I'm grateful for the opportunity to give it more focus.  And so, of course, this had to translate to paper.

I changed the wording around a little bit to coincide with one of my favorite primary songs, Have I Done Any Good in the World Today...but I can't quite decide which design I like better.  And while I already have it written on the chalkboard in my kitchen...I figure I need to have it printed on paper as well.  Again...can't decide.  Which one do you like best?


ed said...

Love the one on the right!

Amberly said...

love these thoughts. and I'm leaning toward clean-cut, so the second one appeals to me best. I always ask my kids what great thing happened to them today but sounds like I need to turn that around...

marilee clarke said...

I like the 2nd one!

Debbie said...

I like the second one also. So of course you need to go with that one!!!

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