Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Soaking up Life...

as a family of 4.

Last weekend instead of calling on our usual babysitter for date night, we brought the kids along.  Scoobs asks on a regular basis what we do on 'date night' and so this time, he & the Lady got to come.

It was the end of a long Saturday spent at soccer games & soccer parties & setting up the Alice in Wonderland baby shower...so dinner out was a necessity.

While the kids' idea was initially Chick-fil-a, I refused.  We don't take them out to dinner often & yet I'd like to think we can & they will behave, but part of that is actually taking them & teaching them proper eating out etiquette...above & beyond Chick-fil-a.

And so we upgraded a bit.

and I have to say, they were delightful.  Granted we've learned a few things on previous 'fancy' dinner nights out with kids in tow...like order asap.  I've decided appetizers are a great way to have something show up quick to keep them focused & not bouncing off the walls.  A table you can write on with crayons doesn't hurt either...

But etiquette aside, they were just plain fun.  And I caught myself trying to soak up every little bit of them while it was just the two of them.  They are buddies & were so happy to be out with mom & dad and it showed in the sparkles in their eyes.  Kind of made my pregnant mother heart melt...and we all know, I am not a sentimental, heart melter.

But, they just seemed so grown up.  Looking at the menu, hearing their options, choosing their own dishes, ordering them & then actually eating them?  That is either a miracle, or a sign that they are indeed getting bigger & more experienced in making their own choices...probably a combination of both, but it was a heart melter.

I'm grateful to have this guy as my oldest, the big brother to them all.  I come from a family with a brother as oldest & I loved it.  He is the perfect combination of teacher, teaser, wrestler & care taker.  Really, the things he makes his sister do, kill me, because it is just like my older brother.  Teasing & taunting & then laughing & laughing.  She is just thrilled to be thought of as a playmate.  I loved hearing them interact throughout this dinner.  Scoobs was more than happy to teach his sister the ropes when it came to which soda to order.

Dinner as a family of 4 is fantastic...and I'm glad we checked that off the list before we all get to love on this baby & turn into a party of 5.

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BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

So sweet!! And you look awesome!

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